Fun Transportation, Commuting, Tours, Golf, Off Roading, Security Patrols & Advertising with Capital Segway

What Is a Segway® PT?

i2_Commuter_72The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is the first of its kind – a self-balancing personal transportation machine designed to go anywhere you go. With its innovative technology, the Segway PT carries you across most terrains noiselessly and efficiently while producing no adverse environmental emissions. It’s easy and fun to operate. All you have to do is lean in the direction you want to go, and your Segway PT takes you there. And don’t worry, it takes care of the balancing-on-two-wheels part.

The groundbreaking Segway PT has a wide variety of uses, including:

  • Fun transportation (i2 Model)
  • Commuting (i2 Commuter Model)
  • Tours (i2 and x2 Model)
  • Off Road Exploration (x2 Model)
  • Security Patrols (i2 or x2 Police Models)
  • Facilities Transportation (i2 Cargo Model)
  • Advertising/Marketing (i2 with custom advertising shield)

How Does It Work?

When Dean Kamen unveiled the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) on ABC’s Good Morning America, he described the machine as “the world’s first self-balancing human transporter.” When you look at the machine in motion, you get an idea of what he’s talking about. Unlike a car, the Segway PT only has two wheels, yet it manages to stay upright by itself.

To move forward or backward on the Segway PT, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward. To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the LeanSteer frame left or right. You get the sense of power and speed, yet you also feel a sense of safety and absolute control. It all feels natural, safe, and instinctive.

The Segway PT can take you places that a car or bicycle can’t – including inside many stores, office buildings, businesses, airports, elevators, and trains. Although they’re ideal for short jaunts, Segway PTs can travel as far as 24 miles/38 km on a single battery charge, depending on terrain, payload, and riding style.

Like any invention that’s ahead of its time, the Segway PT is often misunderstood. The gleeful smiles of Segway PT riders may have created an impression that this is …well…a toy. But make no mistake. While a Segway PT is incredibly fun to ride, it is serious transportation designed for today’s world.