Capital Robotics is the exclusive DC provider of Segway’s Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP). See how mechanized mobility can change your operations.

Segway is one of the world’s leading developers of Robotics Mobility Platforms (RMPs). Its RMPs leverage the components and proprietary technology that has been deployed and tested in rugged environments across the globe as part of the durable Segway Personal Transporter (PT). Segway’s engineers lead the product development industry in the areas of drive-by-wire technology, advanced sensing systems, dynamic stabilization and smart battery management. Their expertise is demonstrated in the simple and straightforward design of robotics platforms, which boast unmatched versatility, durability and performance.

Capital Segway, the Washington, DC region’s only Segway-authorized dealership and Segway tour company, is proud to introduce Capital Robotics. Capital Robotics is the exclusive dealership of all Segway Robotics products in both the Washington, DC region and the Eastern United States.

Segway Robotics is the newest public division of Segway, Inc. Long known as an innovator in personal mobility platforms, such as the groundbreaking Segway PT, with Robotics, Segway has expanded its talented team’s innovation into the field of mechanized mobility. Segway’s “Robotic Mobility Platforms” (RMPs) are built using the same ground-breaking, tested, and reliable technologies powering Segway PTs, but with a different aim. The Segway RMPs are designed to reliably provide essential services in dangerous or inhospitable environments, alleviating the need to subject personnel to unnecessary risks.

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