Introducing: Segway SE-3 Patroller

Segway-SE-3It’s a natural extension of Segway’s Patroller product line — an ideal match for missions that require a larger vehicle, which displays a more visible and obvious security presence (even in a parked position without a rider aboard), or that require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle during a patrol.

Powered by multiple rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that can be charged at any standard electrical outlet or swapped out for replacement batteries to allow for continuous use, the SE-3 Patroller also features independent direct rear wheel drive, travels in reverse and turns in a very tight radius.

The SE-3 boasts rugged Whelen® emergency lights, a headlight, brake light, siren and lockable storage, as well as a 4.3″ color display that is sunlight-readable, which provides the rider easy-to-understand operational data including speed, battery life and distance travelled.

Segway quality — now also on three wheels.

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An Ideal Partner

police-i2-patrollerThe Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is an ideal policing and security partner. Raised an additional eight inches off the ground, it provides officers with superior sight lines for traffic management, crowd control, and community policing giving prominence when they need their presence felt.

A Friendlier Force

The Segway® PT is the ultimate icebreaker. Its presence facilitates conversation and encourages effective community policing. Officers are more approachable when they are on a Segway® PT than when they are sitting in a cruiser or riding on a bike. Plus, officers get all the attention of horseback patrols without any of the feeding, grooming or housekeeping.

A Faster Response

Got a lot of area to patrol and fewer officers for coverage? The Segway® PT can move an officer, smoothly and quietly, at 2-3 times walking speed. It can easily double the amount of area a walking officer can cover, and can transition immediately from walking speed (3 mph) to sprinting speed (12.5 mph) when an officer needs to get somewhere fast without causing alarm.

Police Package

  • Lower Cargo Frames protect the fenders and provide a rugged look. They can also be used to easily lift the Segway i2 Police into and out of service vehicles
  • Accessory Bar is perfect for mounting lights, sirens, a GPS unit, and other accessories that utilize round handlebar clamps
  • Comfort Mats alleviate the fatigue that can occur when standing for long periods
  • Police/Security Reflectivity helps establish presence and enhances officer visibility in the dark or in high-traffic locations
  • Handlebar Bag offers various storage options for emergency and patrol equipment
  • LED Tail Light attaches with a versatile clip and alerts traffic to your presence